I’m a native of the UK, born and raised in England. I was brought up in Hertfordshire, just north of London, but I moved to the Bath in the south west right after college and consider it my British home. I was also lucky enough to live in the Cotswolds for about five years – an oustandingly beautiful part of the UK. In 2006, I emigrated to Australia with my wife and son and settled down on the South Coast of New South Wales.

I’ve been taking photographs for over 30 years now, although only seriously in the last decade. I began with an old Instamtatic and developed its black and white film myself in the family bathroom using a beach towel over the window and mum’s kitchen tongs to handle the paper. Later on I did a degree in English and Journalism and received formal training in processing and development of film which helped me in my first career as a magazine journalist.

As a reviewer for ‘gadget’ magazines, I got to use new and innovative cameras on a regular basis, but my first camera was a simple Canon point-and-shoot. Up until very recently I used a Canon 550D DSLR. This cropped-sensor camera takes 18megapixel images. I used it pretty much exclusively with a Canon 10-22mm super-wide angle lens, along with either a Hoya Circular Polariser or a Cokin ND grad filter or two to balance out the sky. I shoot all of my images in RAW format to allow for post-processing. I recently upgraded to a Canon 7D Mark II.

As you can see from my portfolio, I like taking landscape photographs. Most of my photos are taken in and around South Coast NSW. This is an amazing region of Australia with some spectacular countryside and incredibly varied landscapes – you can go from rain-forest to red dust via verdant pasture in half a day. I’m lucky enough to live right on the coast and next to a river and so these obviously feature heavily in my photos too.

Thanks for dropping by my shop and for checking out my photographs - I hope you see something you like enough to put your wall.