Bar South Narooma

Bar South Narooma

Hey gang. I've had some adventures this week, that's for sure. The high-point would definitely be discovering the real face of Horsehead Rock (see Friday's photo!) and the low point would be the tick that I picked up in bushland and made me feel decidedly crappy on Saturday and who took some convincing to let go of me.

Anyway, my last stop on Friday, before the weather deteriorated, was lovely Narooma. This is a shot taken looking north over the crystal clear waters of Narooma Bar. On the left is Bar South beach which has an awesome roped off area behind a shark net - gets pretty busy there after school in the summer. You can get boats from here to travel out to Montague Island - a trip I really need to make myself some time soon. Thanks all. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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